Vesta A. Armstrong, Esq.

Vesta A. Armstrong obtained her B. A. from Pitzer College in Claremont, CA.   She obtained her law degree from Pacific Coast University School of Law, the oldest continually operating law school in California.  It was in existence before the CA State Bar.

After law school, Ms. Armstrong concentrated in the area of workers’ compensation and worked for the State Compensation Insurance Fund handling the defense of workers’ compensation cases.  After moving to Mount Shasta in 1991, she handled workers’ compensation cases throughout the North state.  Thereafter, she went into private practice at the Armstrong Law Offices in Mount Shasta, CA, where she continues her workers’ compensation practice, representing the rights of individual injured workers.

Having represented both applicants and defendants, Ms. Armstrong is well versed in the handling of workers’ compensation cases from both the employer’s and also the injured worker’s perspectives.

During the course of her legal career, Ms. Armstrong has represented major insurance companies, large corporations, small businesses and a host of injured workers.  Vesta A. Armstrong has resided in Mount Shasta, CA since 1991.


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